10 fundamentals for your social network strategy

10 fundamentals for your social network strategy

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1. Analysis – information about target group and competition analysis

2. Goals – Definition of goals, it also serves for evaluation

3. Existing social networks – it´s beneficial to learn what social networks there are and which of them would fit your business
Foursquare –Suitable for restaurants or brick-and-mortar stores
Twitter – For marketing, journalism
Google+ - For IT
Instagram – For cat/dog fashion accessories sellers, cooks
Pinterest – For hairstylists, make-up artists
Facebook – Suitable for most industries
LinkedIn – For HR agency

4. Visual style of communication – How to be different to the competition using graphics

5. Communication strategy – Possibly the hardest thing; It’s recommended that you create a long-term plan and of course conduct tests (e.g. whether videos work better then articles or vice versa)

6. Campaigns – To reach your goals, it´s advisable to create an attractive campaign. Pay attention to activities and brands (online as well as offline).

7. Team and responsibility – It´s good to define who bears the responsibility and for what. It´s necessary to have someone in the team responsible for customer support or from a detached PR, then you can be assured that all the questions will be addressed quickly and correctly. We also recommend you hire a graphic designer, editor and advertisement administrator. However, it´s common practice that in many companies only one person will fill all of these roles.

8. Customer communication – Try to determine whether you´ll perceive your customers as your clients or friends. You can also differ from your rival companies in communication.

9. Budget – Probably the most crucial strategy of all is budgeting. For starters, we recommend a moderate budget, not forgetting to evaluate your costs.

10. Social network tools – Tool of your choice should be capable of publishing, ad administration, evaluation or competition monitoring. If you have employees for social network administration, then an approval feature should be included. The extent and quality of tools can distinctively influence final costs for social network administration. TRY INCOMAKER.