Czech technological start-up awarded with 50000 EUR from the European Union

An innovative idea of a Czech start-up was awarded by EU from Horizon 2020 programme. System Incomaker should help businesses to manage their marketing effort much more easily. The company plans to succeed in global markets.
The event is an excellent success of Czech business because the overall success rate of applicants of highly competitive Horizon 2020 is just about 7.5 % and the results of the applicants from the Czech Republic are even worse (just about 2.5 % on average).
“Thanks to our experience from past project we know, how many companies struggle with managing their marketing activities efficiently.”, says Tomáš Šalamon, one of Incomaker’s co-founders. “There are many solutions that support various marketing activities, e.g. mass mailing. There, however, must always be someone to know, whom to send it. We have a system that suggests the activities itself, what is – according to us – a whole new level of marketing automation.”
Incomaker analyzes “big data” and suggests marketing action on their basis. It also learns from its past actions. The goal is to offer a business tool that saves money and time. Software optimizes mass mailing, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, banner ads, remarketing, and other fields.
Vilém Říha, another co-founder, adds: „ From the very beginning, we have the ambition to break through on a global market. EU support is an excellent message for us. Our innovation succeeded over hundreds other from the whole Europe in Horizon programme, where the evaluators are business people, not the government officials. It should also help us to raise future investments. “
The development of Incomaker has lasted over a year and it is currently in a final phase when the software should be tested in order to enter the market. Nevertheless, the effort did not come to its end. The company has many ideas for improvements. The software not only supports multiple languages, but it also considers various international aspects. The multinational development team also supports the global ambitions of the project.