E-commerce in 2016

E-commerce in 2016

By www.etenim.cz

In what way will e-commerce (or online marketing in general) develop in the year 2016? Let´s focus on mobile advertizing, video and building of customer relationship.

Mobile devices become stronger
Last year´s customer turnout from cell phones has been relatively high already. However, so far there´s still not enough purchases via these devices. This year it´s expected there´s going to be a growth of the number of customers. The number is dependent on the range of products each e-shop offers, but it should be up to 20% on the average. Conversion on cell phones will outrun tablets, and turnover from them will be at least two times higher than that from tablets. The main reason for this increase of mobile significance is E-shop owners’ reaction to customer requirements, whose needs mobile app represent and will result in a boom in mobile advertising campaigns.

Video ad
Starting with some numbers, it´s said that video streaming online increased more than three times since 2013, and overall video content will take up to 66% of consumer Internet traffic by the end of 2016. The consequence will be that almost everyone online watches videos via the Internet. Marketers, of course, realize this, which means they continue to use video for content marketing. YouTube has been active in this area for a long time now, but that´s not good enough anymore. Video implementation introduced Facebook just recently and Google is working on in-SERP video advertizing.  So to summarize it all, video is a huge trend that will see e-commerce marketers increasing their investments in the content.

Customer relationship
Customer relationship is the key for a successful e-shop. Maintenance of this relationship will be eased by the technology. Data analysis and collection of information about customers will allow better personalization for communication with them. So people will receive content which actually can interest them, rather than be glutted by irrelevant ads.