Motivate your customers to purchase

Motivate your customers to purchase

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How to motivate your customers to buy online? A question every internet business wants to know the answers to. You can drive your customers to buy items online simply by first understanding where to find your client. You need to sell where the customer resides emotionally and rationally. This venue is entirely predictable, sincethe customer lives mostly on the internet. A recent statistics on the usage of the internet averages around 7.8 hours of a day globally. People across the world are either staring at their computer, mobile or tab screens. That is almost 1/3rd of the day every day. Now, from a marketer perspective, this is a substantial information. You know where you will find the customer.

The world of online shopping relies heavily upon the famous marketing concept known as the word of mouth. The more the product or service is seen, liked and shared online, the more the eyeball visits, and more people are likely to buy your product or services.

Now in this era of Big Data, where the world is pouring information on the internet incessantly, how does a marketer stay ahead in the race to ensure his brand has a high recall and action value. Every marketer today needs to ensure his brand is seen on the internet in a more visual manner, at regular intervals and hence, a strategy towards Social Media marketing is a must to succeed in driving the customer to make an online purchase.

If a customer searches for a product on search engines, your company should be seen in the first positions. According to statistics, 90% of users do not go beyond the first page of the search result, and hence, it is critical as an online marketer, one has a social strategy in place. Your business needs to be seen on top of the pack to motivate an online purchase decision.

One needs to realize that bringing up your business in the search order has several factors that help search engine crawlers to recognize that your website, sales page needs to be seen on the first page. How does one do that?

The Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your Customer To Purchase Online are:

1. Social Media Marketing

An excellent website is the primary starting point. However, the higher the presence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., the greater the number of fans following and sharing. Such great social numbers contribute heavily to better the prestige of your business for search engine crawlers.

2. Email Marketing

A regular email marketing campaign is another tool that establishes your brand stability in the mind of the customer. The email campaigns, however, need to be varied and innovative, else they will be shown the spam door.

3. Regular Newsletters

A Monthly Newsletter can be used to propagate the brand power. It is one of the necessary ingredients a customer needs to make an online purchase decision, to stay away from fraudulent companies floating on the net in hordes.

4. Articles or Blogs

An organization that speaks to potential customers on the regular basis becomes their online buddy. A marketer can make use of creating blogs or articles to inform the customer about things around the product line. For, e.g., if you have a new designer gown being introduced, one could have an article about color trends in 2016 with a link to your product.

5. Banners

A banner advertising works well too to drive your customer towards the purchase decision. A marketer needs to ensure a business banner that gets seen by a client reaches a substantially informative landing page with a call to action button.

In summary, to drive your customer to make an online purchase, one needs to understand how the online marketing techniques can propagate the branding of the company. The SEO or Search Engine Strategy of an organization is based on analyzing what the customers are searching for in the category of their product line; a social media strategy then can be woven to ensure the client gets to see your brand every time he searches for that particular word on the internet. A marketer then can keep reaffirming brands' presence via above modes of online marketing, to establish the brand image in the mind of the customer.