Online marketing media that will make your sales

Online marketing media that will make your sales

Nowadays the Internet is broadly used by marketers to promote brands or even specific products via any electronic device with Internet access. It’s also known as digital marketing because we use its digital technologies to propagate our business. Knowing that, the expected result is clear – we desire to be more visible and to get more subscribers (potential customers/clients).  A brief list of pros of the digital marketing is below.

  • Source of information: Most people and companies use the Internet as a source of information and contacts, as well as a place where they shop. So it´s good to be seen where the customers look for you.
  • Targeting: Campaigns properly set are those targeted to your specific target audience. Best ad is the one that doesn´t waste your money to address people who aren´t interested in your product.
  • Return of investment check: It´s important to know how effective your campaigns were. You should be aware of your ROI, number of visitors and customers.
  • Flexibility: In other words, you can switch off and on again your campaign as you wish.

There are multiple channels in digital marketing enabling us to reach the best two-way communication between advertiser and customer and highest ROI possible for the brand. By using digital marketing channels, you can analyze your campaigns to understand what is working and what´s not. Common channels are the following:

  • SEO: Set of techniques facilitating web visits through non-paid search results. Web sites are created and optimized in a way to place at highest ranks possible in search engines.
  • PPC: The meaning is “Pay per click”. It routes traffic to web pages.  The advertiser pays the web page owner every time the ad is clicked. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per the actual click.

In search engines, it´s shown as a 3-line text link.
Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for ads appearing on web pages. The advertisements themselves are selected and served automatically based on the attributes of the visitor such as theme, interests or previous user activities (remarketing).


  • Banners/Display marketing: Commonly used especially when new websites are being launched, new products are being introduced or just to put a company on the map. The oldest and basic way of sale and payments for the number of impressions display a banner on the page or pages.
  • Emailing: Enables you to get new sources of income and increases frequency and value of orders. The customer needs to allow you to send him a commercial email. That´s why email marketing is a very effective tool for one to one communication.
  • Social media: Their significance is continuously growing. Facebook isn´t just a page where people talk to their friends anymore. It´s becoming one of the first places where they go to learn more about your product/how new fashion collection looks like/what´s on today´s menu in local restaurants. It´s never been easier to measure the performance of any FB campaign using newly improved analytical tools. However, there´re more important social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google+