Press release: 40% longer customer lifetime? Meet Incomaker at WebSummit!

The longer a customer uses a software product, the higher the revenue of the software provider. Start-up Incomaker, which develops a marketing automation platform will introduce a new feature called Fuzzy at WebSummit tech-event in Lisbon 6.-9. 11. 2017. It monitors what features of the software users do not use and if it finds one that could be helpful for a particular customer it recommends it actively.

If the new Incomaker’s functionality will be successful, Incomaker will offer it also as an external service for the integration to other systems. Many software houses have gradually developed their products into so high complexity that ordinary users typically know just a small part of them. However, the customers’ engagement in software products is very important for the providers because it increases their loyalty and customer lifetime period. This indeed increases the revenue generated.

“As Incomaker has grown over time, we have discovered that our customers usually use just a small portion of Incomaker’s functions, although there are many more that would address their problems. Sometimes they even require new features while they are already available.”, says Radomir Vach, CTO of the company. “We have improved the application intelligence to promote right features to the right customers.”

Incomaker is an intelligent marketing automation platform mainly for small and medium business developed by the Czech-Portuguese company since 2015. It can replace a substantial part of work of marketing professionals and enable them to focus mainly on creative activities and do not hassle with operational issues. For example, it plans and executes digital marketing campaigns, closely monitors customer behavior and collects information to increase sales results.

Tomáš Šalamon, CEO of Incomaker added: „When we found out that other companies have the same problem, the idea to offer the feature to our clients was straightforward. We estimate that Incomaker can extend the average customer lifetime period by up to 40% with Fuzzy. “

Incomaker exhibits at WebSummit for the second time. In 2017 they presented the product also at other events like TechCrunch Disrupt New York or TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

About Incomaker: Incomaker is a Czech-Portuguese startup developing an intelligent marketing automation platform since 2015. In 2016 it was awarded a highly prestigious grant from EU Horizon 2020 fund. Among the customers of Incomaker are currently mainly small and medium companies in several European countries and Incomaker is gradually growing to other markets. Incomaker is popular for companies from various industries: travel, e-commerce, finance, consulting, education, and others.

About WebSummit: WebSummit is among the most important startup and IT events in the world. Originally it took place in Dublin since 2009, but beginning the last year, it has moved to Lisbon. Around 60000 visitors from all around the world attended the event last year. Among the speakers, there are top managers of the largest IT firms, top world leaders, and distinguished IT professionals.

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Contact:     Tomáš Šalamon, salamon[at]incomaker[dot]com, +420 608284740


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