Remarketing or retargeting?

Remarketing or retargeting?


Have you ever noticed that you´were being constantly reminded on the Internet of the same pair of shoes you had admired at some other e-shop? If you have, you´ve witnessed remarketing or retargeting.

What is remarketing?

It´s a targeting method for internet advertisement, provided by PPC campaign systems, such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. It represents an option of addressing a particular target group of people who had already once visited remarketing owners' website.

From a technical point of view, it works the following way: users who are on the website are being marked using cookies (their browsers remembers these cookies) which are added onto a list of users later on. Only those users from this list can see running ad, in form of banner or text ad. In other words, it´s re-addressing of those who had already once visited the website in the past.

Nevertheless, remarketing principle itself serves the purpose of bringing visitors onto a web, to finalize desired goals. In regards to e-shops, this goal is to purchase, and this method should help to complete an order.

How to use it?

For instance, you can point out to all the users who visited your e-shop during the last week but hadn´t completed any purchase whatsoever, that they would receive an appealing gift if they bought something. There can be a special offer made to customers who were looking for something in a particular category. There’s really an endless list of options.

What are the settings options?

Address customers who are yet to put a good in a shopping basket, as well as those who already did, but hadn´t completed the shopping. You should contact customers who actually bought something as well, for example, after thirty days from purchase date.

Adwords offers text, as well as banner ad for remarketing. (see the picture)

There’s an option to add a concrete picture with a caption, or even chosen a good on Facebook.

Dynamic remarketing

What is it?

Dynamic remarketing is a more advanced level of remarketing. It displays to customers the very product they were looking at on your website.

Both Adwords and Facebook support dynamic remarketing.

Optimize offers in real time. Your products can be continuously updated.

Remarketing and dynamic remarketing are very effective online marketing tools. Not only do they increase the number of orders, but they also strengthen the brand.