What is the best time to publish a post on your Facebook page?

What is the best time to publish a post on your Facebook page?


To determine the exact day and time when to publish posts on a Facebook page is one of the basic key things every Facebook administrator pursues.

Firstly, we need to state that the most frequent type of interaction on Facebook is “like”, then a comment, and as the last one is sharing.

It´s important to bear in mind Facebook shows the post to the user approximately 3 hours after it is published. Based on studies done by experts and ourselves,  we noticed that the periods between 7 PM and 9 PM and 9 AM and 11 AM from Sunday till Thursday are the most suitable for publishing posts. Friday and Saturday are from a statistical point of view “dead”, with the fewest interactions with fans these two days.

However, since many administrators follow these findings, Facebook starts to propagate Friday and Saturday because there´s not much competition among posts. So even though the interaction isn´t high, posts are displayed more anyway.

You´ll never go wrong with a trial run.

It´s a clear post itself, an industry, the Facebook page is for, fans´ characteristics and other factors play a crucial role in your Facebook results. These are the reasons we strongly recommend you regularly undertake tests. You and you only can find out when your fans are the most active.

For instance, you can’t count on having lots of interaction in the financial sector, telecommunication or field of study over the weekend. People are more likely to be relaxing and having fun, so posts about traveling, sports, food or even the automotive industry would be more appropriate.

You can find out at what times your fans are online using insights v category “posts” on your Facebook page.

We also suggest you answer the questions below and based on your answers choose a time frame for your posts.
- When do your fans wake up and go to bed?
- Do they go to school? Do they work? Are they on maternity leave?
- How do they spend their evenings and weekends?