What kinds of transactional emails do exist?

What kinds of transactional emails do exist?

The transactional emails area contains fairly wide communication between you and the customer:

1) Summary of the order and its confirmation
2) Acknowledgement of receipt of payment
3) Information about the expedition / personal collection
4) Apologetic and specific emails

We will pursue in detail the first point (summary order) in the following chapters of the article. However, its purpose is clear - to inform the customer the transaction took place. The second point (email confirmation about the payment) mainly contains information about the payment and the date of dispatch of the goods. Therefore informs about the order status as well.
Email information about the expedition / personal purchase should deliver to the customer a message that the goods were handed over to the carrier. If it’s a personal collection, don’t forget the details of collection, such as opening hours, the address, whether it’s necessary to know the order number. It’s also necessary to add the carriers’ contact information. Information about the transaction shouldn’t be missing either.

If something goes wrong…
What do you imagine under apologetic and specific transactional emails? It might happen that the goods will be delivered later, or they’re sold out. In such cases it’s necessary to inform the customer whether the goods would be available at some other time, or how they can cancel their order.
Further specific email communication can be of outstanding orders, returned merchandise within 14 days or about complaint process.

The most important elements in a summary order
But let's look more closely at the first point - a summary of the order. In this case, don’t forget the corresponding subject of the email. It should be simple and understandable. The customer has to understand the purpose of the email at first glance. In the subject line, you can also add your order number.

As for the body of the email, the most important elements of this summary are:

1) Thanks for the confirmed orders
2) Short introductory text
3) Date and time of receipt of the order
4) The chosen method of transport and payment information on the expected date of dispatch / receipt
5) Summary of purchased goods
6) Addresses - delivery and billing
7) Contact information
8) Terms and Conditions

Tips to Improve

But of course you don’t have to settle for these basic elements only. You can also embellish an order summary with extensions that make life easier for the customer.

1) Add a link to the selected (purchased) product
2) Parcel tracking options  
3) The possibility of changes in the ordering / or its simple cancellation
4) Link to a map of the dispensation site