Behind the scenes: how Incomaker synchronizes data

Behind the scenes: how Incomaker synchronizes data


Incomaker is built upon a handful of smart ideas that together bring an innovative solution. Unfortunately, normal users will never see the most interesting things as they simply run in the background.

One of our perks is Incomaker Data Interchange Omnibus Transfer, an innovative protocol we use for the communication between Incomaker servers and endpoints like your e-shop. I don't want to bother you with technical details, but generally, it allows Incomaker to communicate both ways: from Incomaker to e-shop or e-shop to Incomaker.

A vast majority of internet services allows just one-way communication. The communication must be initiated from the client side, it could be never done from the other side (it is called "client-server" model). Sometimes it does look that things are not working this way even if they actually are. For example, your email software must ask a server for new emails. Although it seems that the emails are coming automatically, it is done just because your Outlook or Thunderbird connects repeatedly to the server.

We consider that it is often not enough. Incomaker sometimes needs to ask your e-shop for something, to synchronize data, or request updates. Therefore we have developed a way, how this could be achieved. If you install Incomaker module/plugin into your Magento or Prestashop or other e-commerce software, two ways communication is established. Your e-shop does not need to reconnect frequently, but just if something important happens. Incomaker can ask whenever it needs. On the other hand, any necessary data updates on both sides could be done immediately.

This way we keep all databases synchronized what is important for accurate data analysis. Moreover, it saves bandwidth and load of client's e-shop. The installation is seamless. A customer just adds Incomaker's module/plugin into his or her e-shop and everything is done automatically. The communication between Incomaker and e-shop is encrypted and compliant to highest security standards.

In fact, it is a bit more complex, but that's the point. We do complicated things to make your life easier.

Watch Incomaker Tech Blog for our future technological updates.