AI in marketing - lessons learned from the conference

AI in marketing - lessons learned from the conference

On Monday 9.10.2017, Incomaker had a presentation at Marketing Monday in Prague.

A common conclusion agreed by virtually all speakers was that there is nothing like AI if we understand artificial intelligence as something that could resemble or even replace human reasoning. There is nothing like that and most likely will not be. It is more accurate to speak about machine learning, deep learning, various sophisticated statistical algorithms, automation, etc.

We have used our ACE model of marketing phases to demonstrate, what kinds of advanced data techniques (mentioned above) could be used in particular stages. Some of them are already implemented in Incomaker, some of them will be.

ACE marketing model by Incomaker

Many companies struggle with cleansing their data. In fact, their data and processes are often in mess. In such a situation (very common by the way), it is very complicated to work with AI.

A lot of marketing jobs along the whole marketing cycle could be automated. There is no point in doing things like preparing marketing campaigns manually and these jobs will be probably gradually replaced by robots. On the other hand, it is impossible to replace creative jobs and proactive human reasoning.