Customer relationships & Sales automation

Turn random visitors into loyal customers

Optimize your sales process

There are 4-6% of potential customers out there for that your products would be a perfect fit. Distinguish them among your contacts and sell them your stuff.

Nurture Leads into Sales

Discover, who comes to your website. Score the leads and help your salespeople focus on the right customers to be as efficient as possible.

Keep track of all your cases, from the first contact to the closing. See and measure progress and evaluate the performance of your salespeople. Incomaker will predict future expected sales. Stay informed through automated messages if something goes wrong.

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Web scraping

Lead scoring

Nurture leads into sales

All customer data together

Any type of customer data you could need in one place

Prospects scored

Sorting the contacts according to their value allows salespeople to optimize their effort and improve results.

Results prediction

Predict sales for the coming weeks and months to be able to start planning your capacities.

Automate your sales process

Automate your sales process

Hasn't a customer bought anything for months? Your salespeople will be informed automatically. Hasn't a salesperson contacted the customer in the last two weeks? Let them and their supervisor know. Did a customer increase their purchases recently? Automatically assign them a VIP tag and let them know via email.

Transactional emails

Sales funnels


Sales automation

Organize your contacts

Segment customers into as many categories as you need. Assign tags or target people according to their age, location, the volume of purchases, their behavior, or products they like. Anything is possible. But people are always evolving. Let Incomaker re-segment them automatically as they change.



Organize Your Contacts
Is the most popular CRM software excel?


Surprisingly, a high number of companies still store their customer records in spreadsheets or email contact books. Unfortunately, this way, people have to work to find data instead of the data doing the work for the people. Finding a communication history of a business case can be tricky, and companies lose time importing the tables into emailing software over and over, as well as having a hard time sharing work within a team.

Keep track of all communication

Let your salespeople identify people who visit your website and contact them immediately. Keep track of all communication with a client. Connect your email account, Within a minute you have all the information from meetings, phone calls, and even LinkedIn sessions. See instantly which emails were opened and which were not.

Leads identification

Communication history

Personalize content

Mobile apps

Store records about your calls directly from your phone.

Sales funnels

See your sales results visualized in the collection of reports.

Team collaboration

Collaborate on the case with other team members, share information, and keep things clear.


Success story

AXIOM TECH s.r.o. is a provider of software technologies of Siemens Industry Software. We chose Incomaker to help us with our digital marketing that didn't meet today's demands.

Petra Ohlídalová ︱ AxiomTECH

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