Onboarding with Incomaker: your Key to Success

Do you want to get your implementation done as quickly as possible, have templates or campaigns created? You are in the right place. We developed our Onboarding Boost and Marketing Boost services in collaboration with clients who were looking for a way to make the entire onboarding process easier and faster, or were unsure of their marketing strategy.

First Aid (Free)

  • Creating an Incomaker account
    Our first steps include creating an account on Incomaker, where we will help you choose the right settings to match your e-commerce store's needs.

  • Filling in your e-shop details
    We fill out all the necessary information about your e-store to ensure our tool has the right functionality for your needs.

  • Connecting your e-shop
    We will connect your e-store to our tool, a key step for proper integration and automation of marketing processes.

  • Setting up DNS
    We'll help you with the technical side of DNS setup to ensure everything is properly connected.
First Aid (Free)

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Designing templates

  • Default
    We'll create a basic custom template for you to use for common communications

  • Welcome
    We'll prepare a welcome template to help new customers navigate your online store

  • Intelligent
    We will design an intelligent template that will respond to customer behavior and send relevant offers to them automatically

  • Abandoned Cart
    An abandoned cart template that will convince the customer to complete the purchase

  • Nameday
    Special templates for namedays that will help boost sales

  • Birthday
    A birthday email that will delight the customer and increase their loyalty

  • Pop-up
    Pop-up templates that will catch the customer's attention and offer special promotions
Designing templates

Guarantee of positive ROI!

We guarantee to deliver net positive return from your Incomaker campaigns within 6-8 weeks latest.

Incomaker Training

  • Customized Training
    We will provide you with customized training that fits your specific needs and goals

  • Interactive Workshop
    Attend our interactive workshop to learn everything you need to successfully use our tool

  • Going through all areas
    We'll walk you through all areas of Incomaker together so you get a complete overview of all functionality

  • Detailed description of selected parts
    We will provide you with a detailed description of selected parts of the Incomaker so you know how to best use them for your e-shop

  • Setting up and controlling your e-shop
    We will set up and check your e-shop to ensure proper integration with our tool

  • Enhanced support after training
    Our enhanced support will be available to you after the training to make sure we are always available to help you with any questions or issues
Incomaker Training

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