Switch digital marketing of your e‑shop to autopilot

Just pouring money into PPC? Leverage your investments and make 6x higher ROI from retention-oriented marketing.

Recommend your products automatically

Effortlessly offer appropriate products to the audience that is ready to buy.


Incomaker automatically posts on your social media, blogs and delivers emails, SMS, and mobile notifications.

Proven strategies

Abandoned carts, onboarding sequences, birthday wishes, repeated purchases, wishlists, testimonials,..

Catch new customers

Stick people coming to your website with intelligent dynamic popups and turn them into paying customers.

No emails go to spam

With over 99% delivery success, we will ensure that your emails reach the recipient's mailboxes, not spam.

E-shop personalization

Personalize customer experience effortlessly. Keep customers in and maximize conversions.

Guarantee of positive ROI!

We guarantee to deliver net positive return from your Incomaker campaigns within 6-8 weeks latest.

Analyze your customers and offer them what they will buy

Incomaker analyzes the behavior of individual shoppers. What products have they been searching? Did they click on a link from an email? With that knowledge, Incomaker automatically recommends them relevant products.


Product recommendation

Email remarketing

Automated emailing

Targetted offers
Personalized offers

Content like written by a human without human work

Incomaker delivers personalized offers generated by artificial intelligence to the right people at the right time by email, SMS, social media, messengers, web, and personalizes customer experience on e-shop.

Email marketing

Email automation

SMS marketing

Content marketing

Multilingual campaigns

Multilingual e-shops, multiple price lists, and various currencies

Do you sell in different markets? Do you do wholesale and retail? Do you sell in different currencies? Incomaker communicates with everyone automatically in the right language and offers the right prices in the right currencies.
Best Oil

Success story

Best Oil Česká republika s.r.o. is a specialized distributor of Shell oils and lubricants. We are a company in B2B, and we omitted and didn't use online channels for a long time. Incomaker helped us to adopt digital marketing. We are satisfied with their customer support and mainly with the fact that Incomaker solves the whole scale of marketing problems in a single system.

Jaroslav Lekeš ︱ COO, Best Oil

Create multiple social media posts with one click

Save time and quickly post to as much social media as you need. Automatically combine engaging content with your product offers. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Drupal, and more.

Automated social media campaigns



Omni-channel marketing



Multiple posts with one click


Don't miss the unfinished sale! Incomaker can gently and automatically remind the customer or motivate them with a small discount.


Did the customer buy dog food for a month about three weeks ago? Wouldn't the pet get hungry again? Let's remind the customer automatically.


Everyone has a wishlist. Allow customers to put products they want on a list for later, and their loved ones can fulfill it.


Welcome new customers with a series of emails, instructing them about your e-shop and products.


Show customers what else they could need and increase your sales.


 Re-interest customers with a discount. Or keep a frequent buyer happy with a personalized offer or an invite to your VIP club. All done automatically.

Turn random visitors into loyal buyers

Turn random visitors into loyal buyers

Incomaker catches visitors of your e-shop or website by pop-up windows, forms or registrations and addressed them with marketing communication.

Web pop-ups

Forms scraping

Lead identification

E-shop integration






per minute





saved time

on average

Measure attribution, evaluate touchpoints

Track customers across touchpoint and measure what brings results and what is just wasting your money. Optimize your campaigns.

Sales funnels

Conversion path



Customer tracking

Seamless integration

Any website or e-shop can integrate with Incomaker simply and seamlessly using our plug-in modules for various platforms or our open API.

Switch your digital marketing to autopilot.

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