Social media marketing

Unleash the power of communities using social networks.

No more hassle

It takes too much time to manage multiple social media accounts. Automate postings generated from your blog posts, e-shop products, or websites and have results in no time.

All-in-one social media publishing tool

Save time and manage postings to multiple social media profiles and blogs at once. Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Company and Personal Pages, Instagram, and much more. Do you manage multiple social profiles e.g., for your individual products or branches? Post individually customized content for each of them. Start the campaign immediately or plan it for any time in the future.



Post customization

All-in-one Social Media Publishing Tool

Organic social posts

Engage new customers with interesting content and lure them to your website.

Zero human work

Artificial intelligence can replace human work. Save workforce capacities for creative and strategic tasks.

Social media ads

Address new customers with paid ads or remarket your current visitors.

Leverage social networks in campaigns

Leverage social networks in campaigns

Post automated notifications about new content to your blog automatically. Integrate social media into your email campaigns. Set up follow-up email campaigns for the contacts who clicked on the post. Or for those who didn’t. Invite people to share their experience with their purchase on social networks automatically.

Facebook audiences

Social automation

Email marketing

Approval workflows

Monitor your competitors

Let Incomaker monitor as many social media profiles as you want; your competitors, focus groups, influencers. See what worked for them. Use and share their content easily. Don't miss anything your customers write on your social profiles. Respond promptly. Use Incomaker mobile apps to serve your customers wherever you are.

Competition intelligence

Monitors your competitors
Save money


The trick is called passive marketing. You don’t need to pay a fortune to get people to your website. Create exciting content, add blog posts, inform people about what you do and what is new in your industry. Grow your social community by using email communication and all other channels. Leverage your investments into online ads. Don’t know how to start? Ask us for help.

Measure social media impact

Measure your engagement, likes, shares, clicks, and conversations. Benchmark your social profiles to optimize them. Maximize the results of your social media effort. Evaluate what media works. Track conversion path across all touchpoints and understand which posts sell and bring you money.



Measure Social Media Impact

Mobile apps

Manage your social media easily from anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

Visualized results

See the results of your campaigns visualized in the collection of reports.


Collaborate on the campaign with other team members, share content, log approvals, and more.


Success story

Since Roklen started using Incomaker, they invest no time into the preparation of newsletters.

Jaroslav Průcha ︱ Roklen24

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