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Do you avoid spam traps?

Do you know spam traps? If not, your email marketing results could be terribly harmed. Spam traps could decrease the deliverability of your emails by tens of percents or even lead to the fact you will not be able to deliver almost anything.

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Email bounce means the rejection of an email by the recipient server. There are soft bounces, i.e. temporary bounces that are typically healed after some time. A usual soft bounce is Malbox is full. Hard bounces mean a permanent problem. For example a non-existing mailbox.

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Online marketing media that will make your sales

Nowadays the Internet is broadly used by marketers to promote brands or even specific products via any electronic device with Internet access. It’s also known as digital marketing because we use its digital technologies to propagate our business. Knowing that, the expected result is clear – we desire to be more visible and to get more subscribers (potential customers/clients).  A brief list of pros of the digital marketing is below.

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