Prestashop – e-commerce platform you should know

Prestashop is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create online stores for their businesses. Initially introduced to the market in the year 2007, the platform has evolved over the years to ensure a better user experience, and currently there are over 250,000 businesses run on this platform. The platform also boasts of a rich community of over 700,000 members, comprising of developers, web agencies, and business owners drawn from all corners of the world.

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Remarketing or retargeting?


Have you ever noticed that you´were being constantly reminded on the Internet of the same pair of shoes you had admired at some other e-shop? If you have, you´ve witnessed remarketing or retargeting.

What is remarketing?

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Motivate your customers to purchase

social media


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E-commerce in 2016


In what way will e-commerce (or online marketing in general) develop in the year 2016? Let´s focus on mobile advertizing, video and building of customer relationship.

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Online marketing media that will make your sales

Nowadays the Internet is broadly used by marketers to promote brands or even specific products via any electronic device with Internet access. It’s also known as digital marketing because we use its digital technologies to propagate our business. Knowing that, the expected result is clear – we desire to be more visible and to get more subscribers (potential customers/clients).  A brief list of pros of the digital marketing is below.

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An innovative idea of a Czech start-up was awarded by EU from Horizon 2020 programme. System Incomaker should help businesses to manage their marketing effort much more easily. The company plans to succeed in global markets. The event is an excellent success of Czech business because the overall success rate of applicants of highly competitive Horizon 2020 is just about 7.5 % and the results of the applicants from the Czech Republic are even worse (just about 2.5 % on average).
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