Startup cafe - Romanian internet server

A few weeks ago, journalists from the leading Romanian internet server, who are interested in successful European startups, visited our office in Prague. Tomáš Šalamon, CEO of Incomaker, talked with them about the company’s journey from the first idea to this day when Incomaker successfully sells its product.

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Our first digital marketing seminar


The best ideas come spontaneously. Sometime in March, we have wondered with our partners from the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences if there could be anyone interested in a seminar on digital marketing. Digital marketing is everywhere, all talk about it, even though they don’t know much about the topic sometimes. Ok, let’s try. At worst case, we will talk to the wall.

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PPC systems and Ad Rank

PPC systems and Ad Rank are closely related topics because they have been created at the same time. They share most of the principles and serve a common purpose – to attempt to bring more potential customers to a  particular most usually commercially oriented website through paid advertising on other websites, that are just being visited by targeted users. Thanks to a good Ad Rank, sponsored links are shown to users when it is calculated as relevant to be shown. In the case of being clicked on, Pay-per-click system techniques come to play.

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What kinds of transactional emails do exist?

The transactional emails area contains fairly wide communication between you and the customer:

1) Summary of the order and its confirmation
2) Acknowledgement of receipt of payment
3) Information about the expedition / personal collection
4) Apologetic and specific emails

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Customer segmentation techniques


This article briefly describes the basics of customer segmentation, what it means and what its benefits are. Furthermore some of the most common techniques are also mentioned and described.

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10 tips for better email marketing

1) Enhance the purchase process
The importance of the purchasing process increases every year.Even a small mistake or shortcoming can discourage customers from shopping in your e-shop - why shouldn’t it?After all there’re quite a lot ofother traders on the Czech internet. Therefore we recommend the following checks of the entire purchasing process:
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Video advertising: The key essence of online marketing for 2016

Video Marketing via Google AdWords – A Strategic Approach
The rise in consumption of videos has been one of the most exciting trends in the recent years. With the attention span of customers decreasing every day, marketing of content is becoming more visual. It is predicted that by 2019, 80% of all traffic on the Internet will be to video content. If this is the case, the need for brands to expand their use of videos towards fulfilling the customers experience is immediate.

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What is the best time to publish a post on your Facebook page?


To determine the exact day and time when to publish posts on a Facebook page is one of the basic key things every Facebook administrator pursues.

Firstly, we need to state that the most frequent type of interaction on Facebook is “like”, then a comment, and as the last one is sharing.

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Banner technology



All you need to know about banner ads and other forms of online marketing.

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10 fundamentals for your social network strategy

social network

1. Analysis – information about target group and competition analysis

2. Goals – Definition of goals, it also serves for evaluation

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