Email deliverability is a crucial issue of retention/email marketing. If you don't get the email delivered, it can hardly bring you conversions. Deliverability is a complex problem consisting of multiple issues. Among others, it is necessary to keep your servers from spam blacklists.
Spam blacklists are public services storing data about servers participating in sending spam. They warn other servers from accepting messages from spammers. Being on the blacklist could harm your deliverability and cost you money.
It is one of the factors why it is too costly for most companies to send emails from their infrastructure and why they use professional services. Choose a provider who has their own email infrastructure (like for example, Incomaker), rather than some who is sending via others.
From time to time, it is good to verify your servers on public blacklist scanners. Incomaker is using several services on a regular basis. is one of the most comprehensive.
If you find an IP registered on the blacklist, it is no reason for panic. It can happen. In that case, you should immediately start the procedure to remove your address from the list.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2022 By Erwan Marec