Email marketing

Address customers with professional-looking emails. Automatically

No more hassle

Let artificial intelligence prepare your e-mail campaign; from content to the audience. Or you can set up everything by hand – much faster than ever before.

Ultimate content personalization

With Incomaker, you can create the content of your emails yourself or leave it to our artificial intelligence. The personalized product offers, personalized textual contents, language personalization, personalized prices - everything based on deep data integration. Every single email is then unique, which brings more conversions.

Incomaker will generate messages automatically from your data. Or you can always make it by hand as usually or combine both.

You can choose a template or design it yourself using the handy drag & drop editor to create content that will look perfect on any device.

Multilingual e-mails

Product recommendations

File attachments


Personalized Content

Twice as many clicks

Thanks to high relevance, intelligent personalization doubles the click-rate.

Zero human work

Artificial intelligence can replace human work. Save workforce capacities for creative and strategic tasks.

Highest ROI

According to research, well-managed emailing is the strategy with the highest cost-benefit ratio.

Target the right audience

Target the right audience

Delivering the right offer to the right people at the right time is the Holy Grail of marketing. Let Incomaker's artificial intelligence do it for you.

Or you can manually pick the desired contacts or tags to address. Import the contacts from your website, CRM, e-shop, blog, or simply upload them from a database. Incomaker can also collect them automatically.



Web pop-ups

Web scraping


E-mails from Incomaker to spam? NO WAY!

These days it is almost impossible to send a mass mailing from a small provider or even from a regular email account. Spam is a big issue, and email service providers take it seriously. We never promise to deliver 100%. No one can.

Our delivery rates are well above the industry averages.

To verified addresses, we deliver more than 99% of emails on average.

No emails to spam
Automatic campaign

Put the campaign on autopilot

Start it manually or plan for any time in the future. Incomaker can optimize your send time to reach your customer just in time for them to open their mailboxes.

Next set up a follow-up campaign for the contacts who opened the email. Or for those who didn’t. You can set up an email sequence for new registrations or choose any other automation scenario from our library.

Automation scenarios

Automated emailing

Send time optimization

Email sequence

Marketing calendar

The power of multichannel marketing

Create campaigns that combine many channels. Consider SMS, Viber, Facebook audiences, or social networks. Incomaker can add them into your marketing mix as quickly as emails.

Or you can post into your blog and leave Incomaker to generate an email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram post, or SMS notification from your content automatically.


Social media

Multichannel marketing

A/B/X testing

Verify what works, evaluate the results, and continually improve your campaigns.

Double opt-in out-of-the-box

No hassle with double opt-in or subscriptions and unsubscriptions. No developer needed!


Collaborate on the campaign with other team members, share content, log approvals, and more.


Success story

VOX is among the biggest education agencies. We use Incomaker mainly for emailing, where it replaced another solution. It makes addressing tens of thousands of our customers much more comfortable and brings us specific results with clearly defined benefits.

Jitka Karešová ︱ VOX

Seamless integration

Any website or e-shop can integrate with Incomaker simply and seamlessly using our plug-in modules for various platforms or our open API.

Make awesome email marketing together