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Marketing is seldom an individual sport. Organizing marketers, copy writers, designers, agencies, or people in sales teams is tricky. Incomaker helps by providing collaboration support features.

Simplify Workflow

Incomaker simplifies the workflow of marketing teams. No more sending templates and content via email or Google Docs. Have everything you need in the same place, safely stored in the cloud. Do you need an approval from a supervisor or a customer before the launch of the campaign? Incomaker will handle it automatically.


E-mail marketing

Social media marketing

Simplify Workflow

Access Rights for Features

Every person should have permissions to work just with the data and features they need.

Access Rights to Contacts

Access to the individual contacts could be finetuned according to the needs in your sales team.

Individual Dashboards

Each user has their own smart dashboard showing everything important.



Have as many accounts for individual users as you need and let your team collaborate. You don’t need to upload images or videos over and over. They are stored in Incomaker and can be shared among users.

Image picker


Evaluate Results

Have all sales funnels and results of individual salespeople in the same spot. Supervisors can monitor and evaluate their performance easily.

Sales funnels


Evaluate Results
No more sharing over e-mail or Google docs


Many teams still share their work over Google Docs or even send it via email. For many companies it could work well, but… Sharing via e-mail leads to a mess in some cases. You never know, who has access to your data. In the case of personal data, it could even be a breach of law. Logging and monitoring is a problem and unapproved results could be released.

Access Rights

Each user can have assigned, individualized user permissions. You can set the access rights for individual people as well as for groups of contacts.


Access Rights

Success story

We are cheap-air-tickets hunters and when we find a good deal, we want to get it to our customers as fast as possible via web, social networks, email, and mobile apps. And this is exactly what we are using Incomaker for.

Jirka Spolek ︱ COO,

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