Don't be a serf of your service provider

A couple of years ago, I was a manager in healthcare. Once we decided to change an outdated ERP system that we were using for years. The provider of the system offered us their new software, but we finally chose a different supplier. What a surprise that we were unable to extract data, and the provider was reluctant to do it for us. They gave us a quote for the data export that was almost the same as the price of their new system, so we were stuck. Finally, the solution was to disassemble their system, hack it, and take over the data “by force.”

Lessons learned: whenever possible, we use open source solutions for total control over both data and the system. If this is not an option, we insist on either direct access to primary data or the ability to export them. The system must also have an open API to be able to integrate with anything. It must be assured in the moment of purchase; otherwise, it could be too late. Of course, Incomaker offers the same for our clients.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019 By Tomáš Šalamon