Marketingová konference

The best ideas come spontaneously. Sometime in March, we have wondered with our partners from the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences if there could be anyone interested in a seminar on digital marketing. Digital marketing is everywhere, all talk about it, even though they don’t know much about the topic sometimes. Ok, let’s try. At worst case, we will talk to the wall.

Fortunately, the room was bursting at the seams that late-May day although TC had to stop registrations a week earlier. Note 1: if you have an idea, just do it. It’s just going to happen. And have a room large enough.

After the introduction from Petr Hladík and Jiří Vavřínek from TC, Lukáš Hovorka from Nomeza did not open the topic on marketing, because his son Tomáš was born and he could not attend. Our Linda Divišová has bravely taken it. Tomáš Šalamon followed with the presentation on marketing automation (his son Lukáš was on the other hand born two weeks ago, so Note 2: marketing people are extremely prolific). Radek Vach scared the audience by what he knows about them. After a break, Jiří Spolek from presented, how it is possible (also with the help of Incomaker) to see a plane full of Czechs on a local flight in India, Ladislav Trončík showed how Nanotrade does their digital marketing and Ondřej Štemberk presented about the same in Pikatec.

And because the audience liked it, there will be a sequel. Only a large portion of refreshments (good ones) remained on tables. Note 3: “Pigeon Squadron” didn’t know about us.

You may download the presentation in Czech here.


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Saturday, June 10, 2017 By Linda Divišová