How to fill in missing data for your contacts

It often happens that the contacts in your database are incomplete. For example, you only have addresses or phone numbers. A very simple yet surprisingly effective method is to ask customers to fill in the data themselves for a small fee. Incomaker offers a handy means of doing this through fomulars and landing pages.

Create a landing page with a form

On the Campaigns tab, click Create landing page to start the setup wizard.

Vytvořte vstupní stránku

In the first step, give your landing page (campaign) a name. This is only an internal identifier, such naming will not be displayed anywhere. Either choose one of the ready-made templates or click Next and you can design your landing page from scratch.

Whether you're modifying an existing template or creating a landing page from scratch, it's easy. The following video shows you how:

When you have finished designing the landing page, click Next to go to the settings for the newly created landing page.

In the Static Segments field, you can click the segments (tags) that should be assigned to the contact who fills out the registration. For example, you can mark the contacts who have responded to your call and continue to reach out to them.

In the Redirect to URL after form completion, you can specify the page where the user will be redirected after successfully completing the registration. Leave it blank for now, we will add it later.

We'll ignore the other setup options for now, just copy the link in the grey box below. This is the link to the custom landing page we just created. We can copy it here (it won't work until you click Finish).

Dokončení vstupní stránky

Create a landing page with a thank you and code

Again, click on Create Landing Page in the Campaigns section and either select an existing template or create a new one.

Stránka s poděkováním

Click Next and on the next page you will get the address of this newly created page, which we copy and click Finish.

Now all we have to do is tell Incomaker to redirect to this thank you page after filling out the form created in step 1. In the Campaigns column, there is the landing page we created a moment ago in the In Progress column. Click on ... and click Edit to open the page we just created. Click the Next buttons to click through to Settings, where there's a box called Redirect to URL after form completion, and into that box we'll paste the URL of the thank you page we just created. Click Finish and the landing page is ready. So now Incomaker knows to show the user a thank you and a discount code when the form is successfully completed.

It's a good idea to save the URL of the form page

Přesměrování ze vstupní stránky

Send out an email request for completion

It is now a good idea to ask our contacts to complete their details. For example, we can create an e-mail campaign that we send out to all our contacts who do not have their details filled in and ask them to complete them (e.g. by "signing up for the club").

In the email we will put a link to a form we have created where the recipients will fill in the relevant data. In the following video we have used a call-to-action button with a link to our form, but we can use any regular link that we insert into the text.

The text we put in the URL field consists of a link to the form we created, followed by the following text:


So the whole link will be e.g.:

In this way, Incomaker knows to link the form being filled out to the relevant customer contact in the database.

We're done here. The information that customers add will appear in their profiles in the Contacts tab.