Email A/B Testing

Creating an effective email can be tricky. It can take a lot of time to send out different looking emails to your customers to see which is most effective. That’s why Incomaker offers A/B testing. The advantage? With just one click, A/B testing allows you to send different versions of a particular email to see which performs the best.

How to use Email A/B Testing

To access A/B testing, start by creating an email and choosing your template. Once you have opened the email editor, click the Add A/B test button and select Add Test A.

AB testing

You’ve now started the A/B testing function. Notice that your original email has been copied as Test Email B. Any changes you make in Test Email B will not be shown in Test Email A. Thus you can change whatever you’d like in Test Email B to see how it performs compared to Test Email A. Email A will be sent to 70% of a selected audience. In contrast, email B will be sent to the remaining 30%. You can adjust this ratio, or add more versions (C, D...). You can compare the results of the emails in the Performance report.

AB testing

How many emails can I test at one time?

You can test as many emails as you’d like.

Will my customers know which email version they are receiving?

No, your customers will not know which email version they are receiving. Only you can see which version they receive to figure out which emails are working best for your company.