Identify customers

Incomaker identifies every single customer's needs, delivers them individual purchase recommendations when they are ready to buy and notifies your salespeople about who is worth contacting.

Increased loyalty

Leads identification

Identify customers
Personalize content

Personalize content

Incomaker automatically generates highly personalized content from available data. This way, Incomaker doubles chances that emails or social media posts will not be omitted.

Product recommendation

Automated newsletters

Multi-channel marketing

Incomaker can address your customers using emails, social media, SMS, web, blogs, mobile apps, and other touchpoints smoothly.

Posts into multiple social media

Campaign preparation workflows

Multi-channel marketing
Automate everything

Automate everything

Human work is costly. Fortunately, Incomaker can automate most of the marketing tasks. Don't waste time on what could be done by a robot; focus just on what is creative or strategic.

Dozens of automation scenarios

Zero human work

Analyze results

See the results in an understandable and visualized form to understand how you perform. Watch every single customer's behavior.


Tracking of individual visitors

Analyze results

Seamless integration

Any website or e-shop can integrate with Incomaker simply and seamlessly using our plug-in modules for various platforms or our open API.

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