How to determine the right frequency for sending marketing emails ?

The rate at which you send emails significantly impacts your results. Too many emails sent and you will annoy your audience, not enough emails sent and you will be forgotten... How to find the right balance? It's not always easy to determine the right frequency for sending marketing emails.

Incomaker offers a few tips to help you identify your business's best email marketing cadence.


While not all subscribers will make the effort, it's a good idea to allow them to choose the frequency of their emails. You can do this at sign-up, as part of a re-engagement campaign, and as an option on your unsubscribe page.


The best subject line, content, and creativity mean nothing if you can't reach customers' inboxes.

For marketers, there is no greater waste than spending time designing email campaigns that don't reach their recipients. Today, one in six messages sent worldwide fail to reach the inbox and almost 25% of marketers consider deliverability issues to be one of the biggest obstacles to effective campaigns.

We have written about this:


You need to identify who your core customers are, who your loyal customers are, who opens your emails regularly, who is responsive or not, and understand why.

Incomaker can automate all this so that you can create personalized email campaigns and create different email frequencies for different customers.

The 2021 figures revealed that a segmented campaign is 10 times more effective than a non-segmented campaign.

Now we will end by presenting two popular marketing methods to increase your open rate:


According to one study, one of the fastest ways to improve your email open rate is to send it twice!

We have already discussed the subject on our blog :

Although the open rates drop from 28.87% to 11.08% on the second send, this is already a small victory and, indeed, views you wouldn't have gotten without the second send.


It is crucial to choose the right moment to send an email. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you send an email to someone, and they respond immediately? Other times, you send them an email, and they take more than a day to reply?

This is usually due to the time you contact them. If someone is working at their computer when your message arrives in their inbox, they are more likely to respond. The same applies to marketing emails. Incomaker offers you the opportunity to customize your campaigns' timing so that they achieve a higher open rate.

By following our advice, you will know how to send the correct number of emails to the right people at the right time, and believe us; you will avoid considerable losses.

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Friday, April 1, 2022 By Erwan Marec