Incomaker works well with a variety of e-commerce platforms. It extracts data from e-shops, analyzes it, automates marketing campaigns, targets end customers with specific offers, etc. to bring more revenue to their owners.
In this series, we'll introduce you to some of the platforms (global and local) you can build your e-commerce store on that work well with Incomaker.

So-called ready-made solutions have long been one of the most popular ways to set up your own e-shop. One of the ready-made options you can choose from is also Upgates, which is quickly gaining popularity among more and more online stores. Upgates offer better solutions than its competitors mainly in the customization options which are available to all clients. 

The main advantages of Upgates are:

  • Many possibilities for graphic customization - Upgates clients don't have to rely on the one-size-fits-all templates that customers encounter on every other e-commerce site. In Upgates, you can customize the design of your online store. You have two options to do this. The first is to use the Designer module. It is a simple graphic configurator, with which anyone can handle the creation of web design even without business knowledge. The Designer itself offers very good possibilities to differentiate your e-shop from the competition. But it has its limits. For more demanding users, there is then the Code Editor, which already allows you to customize the web design of your shop completely to your own. However, working in the Code Editor already requires coding knowledge. 

  • Possibilities for international sales - another advantage of the Upgates e-shop system will be appreciated by all those who have ambitions to take their e-shop across borders. Thanks to the multilingualism and multishop, it is possible to manage different language versions of your store from one administration. The customization options are far from just about translating products. All necessary data such as billing data, VAT, shipping or separation of measurement codes for analytical and advertising tools can be customized for the target markets. With Upgates, foreign versions can also be run on a separate domain. 

  • Public API and advanced e-commerce management features - a modern and efficient e-commerce store can hardly do without connections to other sophisticated tools. Upgates clients have connections to over a hundred add-ons, which of course include Incomaker. In addition, thanks to the public API, they can connect other tools completely according to their own requirements. This makes it easy to connect Upgates to ERP software or accounting tools, for example. 

Upgates makes hundreds of different functions available to its users, which are directly part of the system. These include a guard dog function, abandoned carts, individual price lists, discount codes, advanced configurations and many more. Another separate chapter is the features for automating routine tasks, which allow Upgates to save time with everyday tasks. Examples of such features include automatic imports and exports, data exports directly to carriers, mass editing options or automatically sent emails tied to order status changes, simple invoice and credit memo handling, and more. 

You can try Upgates for free for the first 30 days. After that, Upgates clients have a choice of four pricing plans, which differ primarily in the number of products allowed in the e-store.


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Friday, January 27, 2023 By Ngan Vu