Most e-commerce platforms can work with discount coupons that you can offer to your customers as an incentive to buy. Incomaker can work with them very easily, so using this marketing tool in your campaigns is a must.

The easiest way to do this is to simply write a discount code in the mail. You only need to set up the code in your e-shop and mail it to your customers. This can finally be done with virtually any conventional mail system. The problem is that such a universal code can be shared by customers and you don't know how many will use it.


Many e-commerce platforms offer a better solution: they can generate individual one-time codes for individual customers. Incomaker can automatically take them from e-shops and easily insert them into the body of emails, SMS and wherever they need to be (of course, it makes sure that each code is only used once). This allows you to target individual discounts precisely to individual customers and prevent codes from being shared when you don't want them to. Plus, you can even track the use of coupons.

But even this approach has its limits. If the codes are created in the e-shop in advance, they have a preset validity or even have an unlimited validity. But Incomaker can solve this too, and on e-commerce platforms that allow it, it can generate codes when needed before the actual distribution. The advantage is that you can then easily set up a reminder campaign in Incomaker, where it reminds the customer - if they haven't purchased yet - of the impending expiry of the coupon. Which further significantly increases the urgency of the message. Ideally, such a message should be combined with a countdown timer.

It's not a good idea to send coupons across the board, but to target them to the customers who can best be persuaded to buy. The advanced segmentation techniques that Incomaker has are designed to do this.

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Monday, May 2, 2022 By Patricia Suarez